The world is coming to Middle Tennessee!

Hundreds of people are moving here each week, and we will meet them where they are to share the hope of the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ.

campaign update

We have so much to celebrate! Because of God’s faithfulness and your generosity we have over $20.4 million dollars committed to the campaign. This means that we can begin launching the Engage Church Network, purchase a permanent location for our Avenue South campus, and finish renovations for the Brentwood campus. 

We Will Pursue Through Healthy Congregations

We are believing for $30 million to reach Middle Tennessee and have over $20.4 million committed so far! Celebration is underway as we’ve purchased the new Avenue South location and started Brentwood campus renovations. We already have $5.3 million from the Middle Tennessee Initiative to help fund the Engage Church Network.

We Will Pursue at Campus Facilities

Our campuses need to prepare for the people who are not here yet. From ministry programming to engaging events, our facility needs are changing as we take on a greater volume of work and purpose. And with your giving, we purchased a permanent location for our Avenue South campus and updated the Brentwood campus to better serve people looking for a church home. 

The Church at Avenue South Groundbreaking

We broke ground at our new Avenue South location on April 30, and are counting the days until we can move into this permanent location. This newly-configured space will have a modern worship center, a brand-new education wing, and a playground for our children.

We Will Pursue With New Leaders

We will identify, equip, and deploy Christian leaders for local community efforts and international work. Through our leadership development efforts, we will equip more church planters, pastors, worship leaders, group hosts, and missionaries. All leaders will be empowered to actively pursue the people in their communities for gospel transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can give to the Pursue campaign?

All are welcome to give or commit over the next two years! This is a campaign for the people of Middle Tennessee, so we encourage anyone in our community to pursue the people who are moving here. All eight campuses of Brentwood Baptist Church are asking members and staff to commit to the Pursue campaign.  

What should be my next step?

No matter where you are on your giving journey, take some time to consider your options and prepare your giving plan. Your next steps might include: tithing consistently for the first time, giving above your tithe, giving from your savings, giving non-cash assets, such as appreciated stock, or leaving a legacy gift in your will. Pray about your options, speak to a financial advisor, and commit today.

What is the Engage Church Network?
The Engage Church Network (ECN) is a family of gospel-centered churches, serving together to reach their communities for Jesus Christ.
Our community efforts supply valuable resources that contribute to the overall health of communities. Through our church plants, partnerships, campuses, and leadership, we will continue to engage the whole person with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ anywhere, anytime, with anybody.
Do you have suggested gift amounts?

We are on this journey together, and contributions of all sizes are needed to pursue Middle Tennessee. Your Pursue commitment should be over and above your current tithes and offerings.

Will I receive updates about the campaign?

Progress for the Pursue campaign will be recorded, and updates will be distributed by each campus of Brentwood Baptist Church. If you have any questions or want further updates, please contact Ken Schafer, our Stewardship Minister.

How can I pray for the Pursue campaign?

Thank you for praying with us! Pray for the people who are not here yet. Pray about how God is leading you to give. Pray and believe that God can do more than you could ask or imagine…“ I will not offer to the Lord my burnt offerings that cost me nothing” (2 Samuel 24:24 CSB).

We are believing for $30 Million to Pursue Middle Tennessee

Your financial investment is part of pursuing people in our community.

Please pray about how you can use your resources as we pursue Middle Tennessee together. Let’s build for people and believe for more.